Vibe Hotel

The Vibe is a cool Hollywood Motor Hotel with hip common space and clean, well designed rooms.

You can park near your room and come and go as you please, it’s fast and fun. Groovy cheap Hollywood accommodation centrally located in Los Angeles with funky retro motel style.

Originally called the “Movie Town Motel” it was built, owned and operated in 1952 by the Pinelli brothers Antonio and Salvador. It has been a Hollywood landmark for budgeting hipsters and the young “in” crowd since the days of Elvis. Colorful and retro from the day it started, the Movie Town Motel has been subject to the many eras of Hollywood including the glamorous 50’s, dangerous gang days, and the earthquakes and riots of Los Angeles. In the late fifties and early sixties it was a rondevu spot for up and coming actors and actresses and had it’s share of movie star scandal. Currently this retro funky vintage motor hotel is enjoying the revamping and restoration that is taking place throughout the entire Hollywood area.*

*info and photos from the Vibe Hotel website



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