Roadrunner Lodge

This lovingly restored motel on Route 66 features mid-century style with modern comfort and conveniences. Stay with us for a blast from the past experience and create memories to last a lifetime.

Motelorcyclists can book this property at a preferred rate.  Click here to make a reservation.

Roadrunner Lodge Motel has rebuilt a lost piece of classic Americana and provides a comfortable and memorable experience for travelers staying in Tucumcari.  Come visit the Roadrunner Lodge Motel and enjoy an experience unlike any other. Premium bedding, plush bathroom accessories, and fast and free WiFi await your arrival.  Call ahead or reserve online and we’ll have your room perfectly prepared for your arrival!

Roadrunner Lodge Motel was originally two different properties. The older portion, on the west side, was built in 1947 as La Plaza Court. Early pictures of the property can be found in some of the rooms and show La Plaza Court’s original room configuration with adjacent garages.  The bathrooms have vintage tiling and architectural features we hope to preserve when we begin the renovations on La Plaza Court.

Agnes Leatherwood opened Leatherwood Manor on the east side in 1964. Stories abound from the locals who tell us they used to swim in the pool as kids here in Tucumcari. Mrs. Leatherwood had a reputation for holding some fun parties for her local friends. We would love to find pictures of her famous chandelier we’ve been told hung in the living quarters.

They were run as separate properties for many years.  When they were combined into a single property, the roof line of the Leatherwood lobby was extended to cover both properties and the lobby and manager’s living quarters of La Plaza Court was converted into multi-room guest suites.

Roadrunner Lodge Motel went through several name changes over the years and even flew several different franchise flags in its past. David and Amanda acquired the property in April 2014 after it had been closed for about 5 years. They’ve put extensive time and investment into renovations and creating an experience they would enjoy themselves.  They still have many plans to improve the property. Every day something gets at least a little better, and sometimes big changes happen all at once!

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