Jonquil Motel

This charming park-like setting and home-style hospitality are sure to make your stay at The Jonquil a perfect getaway.

Offering 7 comfortably-appointed rooms at reasonable rates, this landmark property is one of Bisbee’s best values.
The Jonquil Motel is located in the heart of Bisbee’s Historic District.

A true Motorcycle friendly motel!  The owners are riders too.

The Jonquil Motel was built in 1936 on Highway 80.

Highway 80 was a major highway across the country (see: the Jonquil continues in the tradition of being a road trip oasis and a welcoming place for travelers.

Although the jonquil is a flower (a member of the daffodil family) the motel got its name from its founder, John Quill.

It was originally a house and service station (the service station was removed years ago) and John Quill (the motel’s namesake) built the motel to serve cross-country travelers.

Quill and his family operated the Jonquil until the mid 1970s when the area copper mines closed. (note that the motel was only closed for a couple years- other than that it’s been in continuous operation since 1936)

Also of interest: Sterling is one of the founding members of the Backcountry Discovery Routes ( and is known for his pioneering work in adventure motorcycle filmmaking.
Sterling and Eva are both avid riders and love helping our guests with route planning for their on and off pavement motorcycle adventures.
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