Harmony Motel

With its quaint, authentic Mojave Desert vibe, Harmony Motel is the perfect location for both artistic inspiration and dramatic visual beauty. Ask us about Joshua Tree area events and activities, or even we can about the history of the motel.

My history, which has enhanced the history and character of the Harmony Motel…

Ash, motelier, Harmony Motel

I am South African in Nationality but my origins are East Indian. 17 years ago, I emigrated from South Africa to the US. My choice to live in the US as a resident was made, when I tragically lost my mum, to a brutal crime in South Africa, (two years after my arrival in the US). My professional background when I left South Africa was in teaching/training and change management consultancy.

Hence my move to the US, presented me with major challenges, changes not only in location (that is from one continent to another, but  every other challenge that goes with being an immigrant), but more significantly a challenge in the change of my professional field.

I consider myself fortunate, as I come from a family, of entrepreneurs. From childhood, I understood the dynamics of owning a small business, as my mum, uncles and grandparents were successful small business owners, in South Africa (they were super role models in my life).

I took over the ownership of the Harmony Motel, in 2004. For me, it is and has been a labor of love. I have created a peaceful oasis, that is, a gateway to Joshua Tree National Park. During my remodeling, I was inspired and motivated by the location of the motel, also, by the history of this roadside motel, especially by the name “Harmony” and the “music notes” that adds character to the identity of the motel.

This signage, is not only the history, of the community, in the higher desert. The Sign of the motel become iconic, when the iconic rock band U2 visited the Harmony, and did a photo shoot with the sign as a backdrop, during the making of their groundbreaking album THE JOSHUA TREE. The photographer that did the shoot was world famous Anton Corbijn. The sign, together with the history of the motel, provides an ambiance of romance and musical celebration. It also has become an inspiration to many artists that lodge at the motel.

Together with my staff, our goal, is to ensure that this lodging facility is harmonious with its environment, and that it provides a tranquil, joyous atmosphere to all our guests. We offer more than just the room experience that a traditional motel gives you.

The Harmony, boosts a charming exterior corridor, with a front office courtyard, that is, designed in an L shape. The patios from the rooms offer our guests amazing views of the Joshua Tree Mountains and wilderness of the Mojave Desert. Our room, offers all amenities of a traditional motel, with simple artistic décor, and a home away from home experience. We have a refreshing cold pool, and a tantalizing hot tub, to soak up and star gaze from.

Our guests meet our friendly desert critters, that hang out, in the gardens or on the grounds of the Harmony. Hence,this provides a true desert wilderness experience. From the Harmony, our guests can experience amazing sunrises, sunsets, and different shades of desert light that make the landscape authentic to the desert, full moons, and awesome stargazing opportunities.

Twentynine Palms is the city in which the Harmony Motel is located, this is also the city in which the headquarters of Joshua Tree National Park founded itself, known as the north entrance to the park. Many of the murals in this city express the pioneering history of this rural city. As a single female entrepreneur that has emigrated from one continent to another, I happily embrace this pioneering spirit.


All information and photos taken from http://www.harmonymotel.com

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