Sleeping Around in America: Revisiting the Roadside Motel


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Explore 50 of America’s remaining iconic roadside motels. Admire the magical allure of their neon signs, unique architecture and their beautiful design that beckon you off the highway through a collection of astounding photographs.

Meet the moteliers creating the experiences for a new generation to con enjoy.The stories and photographs in Sleeping Around in America follows The Motelorcyclist’s 50 day, 10,150 mile motorcycle journey around the USA and gives readers an opportunity to rekindle fond memories of family vacations, road trips and childhood experiences while providing a roadmap of 50 motels where they can travel to today.

A book to satisfy armchair travelers, American pop-culture enthusiasts and nostalgia seeking romantic explorers.


  • Overland  Magazine

  • Traverse Magazine

‘For many motorcyclists, and car enthusiasts too I expect, exploring the backroads of America, especially the historic Route 66, would have to be at the top of our bucket list. And at each day’s end, in all its 1950’s neon-lighted retro kitsch splendour, a motel will be there to beckon us. Andrew Beattie aka The Motelorcyclist, not only takes you on a historical journey of America’s motels where you meet an eclectic bunch of characters along the way, but he ensures you will be inspired to live the dream. And with a directory of the 50 motels he explored, you will soon be planning your own journey into the backroads of America and its motels from a bygone era.’  

Heather Ellis, author of the bestselling motorcycle travel memoirs, Ubuntu and Timeless On The Silk Road

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