Vibe Hotel - Los Angeles, CA

A different take on a renovated motel on Hollywood Boulevard. Half youth hostel, half motel, and all Destination Experience motel fun! - The Motelorcyclist

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The Vibe Hollywood is an awesome place to stay while visiting Los Angeles. Enjoy the many cool common spaces and funky retro rooms, some with kitchens or parking close to your room. You’ll never run out of fun activities to do, all at an affordable price.

The Vibe is a great place to meet other hipsters that are in Hollywood or Los Angeles for all sorts of cool stuff. It’s a Hollywood Motel where you can hang out and meet actors, dancers, musicians, models, entertainment industry types, and international travelers. The rooms are decorated funky and have a swinging retro 60’s groovy motel feel. The Vibe offers a clean place to stay with good amenities at a great price, especially the weekly motel rates.

Vibe Hotel

5922 Hollywood Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 469-8600