Motel Du Beau - Flagstaff, AZ

One of the original Route 66 motels built in 1929. Today it is a nice Destination Experience motel. - The Motelorcyclist

copy from Motel Du Beau website, photos The Motelorcyclist

“Du Beau’s Motel Inn” opened its doors in 1929 as one of the first Motels in America!

​The project began in 1927, when Canadian entrepreneur Albert E Du Beau relocated to Flagstaff to materialize his vision of a posh “Motor Hotel”.   He enticed customers with luxuries intended for “the better class of motorist” including carpeting, double beds and tiled indoor bathrooms…for an all inclusive price of $2.50 per night!

Today, the Motel Du Beau Travelers Inn continues to host a myriad of happy travelers. Its prime location, colorful history and distinctive character make it a popular respite for adventurous Nomads from around the globe.


19 W Phoenix Ave
Flagstaff, AZ