Leverage the enthusiasm for retro motels, road trips and the American Dream to inspire your audience!

The Presentation

Sleeping Around in America
Inspire your next adventure. Revisit 50 of America’s iconic roadside motels bathed in neon. Learn their history and meet the moteliers preserving this piece of Americana.
Make Life A Ride

Andrew Beattie – The Motelorcyclist set out on his motorcycle to learn what the future holds for a near lost piece of Americana – the Roadside Motel. Through mishaps and milestones, he traveled for 50 days and 10,150 miles to circle America checking in on 50 of these icons on the highway. He sleeps in their beds, sees the neon lights and hears the speech of the real America. Along the journey he dines with motorcyclists, meets with the moteliers, trades tales with other travellers, and even falls for buffalo at Yellowstone. Now back from his journey, experience the sights for yourself through a kaleidoscope of colourful pictures and hear his reflections on the the kindness of strangers, American character, and the motels that served as havens on road trips and fuelled the American dream.

The Inspiration

The project documents and tells the human stories behind fifty of America’s remaining roadside motels and gives motorcyclists a list of places steeped in nostalgic Americana pop-culture lore that they can travel to next weekend.

Andrew’s Sleeping Around in America presentation to our club was ‘standing room only’. His props and screen presentation set the scene so well it felt as if we were touring America with him, even before he began to speak! And, when he did speak, “He had us at ‘Hello’” and held us rapt for the next hour. He painted such a vivid picture of great places and warm, welcoming people we were ready to jump on our bikes and head off on our own adventures. We’ve enjoyed several excellent presentations, but Andrew’s was absolutely the highlight of our season.

Fiona Brown, president
BMW Motorcycle Club of Ottawa


Themes can be custom delivered to reflect the audience and interest.

  • Sleeping Around in America – tour
  • Motorcycle/distance travel
  • Road trips
  • Retro travel
  • Motel/hotel industry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Travel writing
  • Diversity/Inclusion/American Dream

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