Rediscovering America’s iconic roadside motels by motorcycle

The Motelorcycle Project relives the lustre in those old neon signs and rediscovers a near forgotten piece of American pop-culture- the roadside motel. So, I set out on a 10,150 mile motorcycle journey to spend 50 days Sleeping Around in America visiting and experiencing the state of 50 mid-century motels across the United States and Canada.

There is a cheesy romanticism about motels and motorcycle travel. Images of iconic 1960s motels and James Dean prevail in your mind. They take you back to a bygone era where holidays, road trips and business travel were king.  And it does not lose its irony that motel lodging is the byproduct of car travel and this is about a motorcycle journey. But by bringing the two together we can hopefully realize a romance that is a long time in the making.

This project was well over two years in the making and involved researching and adding vintage motels to the list of destinations on this website, speaking with moteliers, motorcyclists , other travellers and mapping the journey. Along my travels I captured thousands of photographs and brief recaps of the motels I visit. 

The culminating result is my book Sleeping Around in America: Revisiting the Roadside Motel and this web resource for motorcyclists and nostalgic seeking romantic explorers to seek and book their next great adventure. Because in the end, we are all motelorcyclists at heart!

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