A Road Map for Tourism’s Recovery

EagleRider CEO talks about dreams and the future of tourism on two wheels

Chris McIntyre, founder and CEO of EagleRider, learned early on that he was in the business of helping people realize dreams and not the rental and tours industry. So when COVID-19 hit and, as he says, “International travel, which is literally half our business stops, it’s a freaky thing.” Fortunately, he has the roadmap to recover. And it is to focus on what EagleRider has always done…build great experiences.

EagleRider isn’t the only business being affected by halting inbound leisure travel. The US tourism sector is poised to see a deficit for the first time in 2020. According to the US Travel Association, tourism was the nation’s second largest export industry in 2019, contributing $59B in travel trade surplus. Behind transportation equipment, foreign tourism spending directly supports more than 1.2 million jobs. Those job figures represent more than chemicals, computers and the machinery sectors combined. But with borders closed and inbound foreign leisure travel halted, the sector is getting ready to take a big hit and will need to rely on domestic tourism growth to offset those losses. EagleRider is already poised to help the industry rebound as they see their motorcycle membership subscription services growing. 

There is a treasure chest of magic in your own backyard

Chris McIntyre, co-founder and CEO, EagleRider

Launched in 2015 and expanded in December 2019, the EagleRider Motorcycle Subscription program has proven serendipitous. Growth in the subscription program is helping offset the losses from foreign travellers. Members in the program pay a monthly subscription fee starting from $29 to gain credits that can be applied against top of the line motorcycle rentals from a number of brands including Harley-Davidson, BMW, KTM and Royal Enfield in the EagleRider stable. When asked about the growth of memberships, Chris said, “Motorcyclists have some magical DNA…(and are) like modern day Christopher Columbus’s, except we don’t do it on a boat but on two wheel.”

When pressed on the type of customers being drawn to the program, Chris went on to say that the growth is coming from rental customers that are touring and travelling regionally. He went on to add “…there is a treasure chest of magic in your own backyard.” So, for Chris the roadmap is clear. An increase in domestic tourism will help the entire sector recover. And it looks like members of the EagleRider Motorcycle Subscription program are helping lead the way, just by going out and realizing their dreams.

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