A Tango for Two in Uruguay

Many people associate the Tango with Argentina, but it is also the national pastime in Uruguay. And one of the most famous pieces of Tango music ever written, La Cumparista, was written in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo in 1919. That works well for author and adventurer Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West who find themselves stranded in Uruguay due to the corona virus pandemic.

Jeremy and Elle started a motorcycle journey to head to the southern tip of Argentina and were on the return ride home when the borders shut in Uruguay. Without option, the pair have rented a small one bedroom apartment and are waiting for the borders to reopen. Fortunately, Elle loves to dance Tango. And while Jeremy doesn’t, he did manage to get a guitar to pass the time. Now he can play the music for Elle to dance. Because, no matter how you look at it, it takes two to tango!

Jeremy and Elle were my guests on Episode 9 of Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist. The pair openly contemplate what the future holds and how they spend their days, complete with the candid uncertainty and openness we are all faced with. Watch the interview below.

In other news, Wes Fleming host of Chasing the Horizon podcast joined the show to tell us all about the acquisition of Norton Motorcycles by TVS Motorcycles of India.  Wes expects this will breath new life into the maligned manufacturer much like happened to Royal Enfield.  Click here to watch the full interview with Wes on the Chasing the Horizon Moto Moment.

Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist is a bi-weekly live stream talk show to help keep us connected while we all socially distance. For each episode, I invite authors, motorcycle adventurers, television personalities, film makers, industry executives, musicians and yes moteliers to talk about their work and how they are managing. The show is streamed live every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm ET/5pm PT on Facebook.  To get notified of upcoming shows and reminders please click hereMissed an episode?  You can watch all my interviews on my YouTube Channel here.

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