New Adventure Travel Writing Group Helps Aspiring Travel Writers

With COVID-19 restricting our ability to travel, adventure travellers and motorcyclists alike are wrestling with their wanderlust by using this time to tell stories through writing. And Self-Publishing Consultant and author Carla King is offering a virtual solution to help experienced and new adventure travel writers do just that.

Carla King taking a moment to write her notes on an adventure

Every week Carla hosts a virtual Adventure Travel Writing Group for authors, editors and publishers where they join together, and as she says “…to write, share and finish our stories.” The free weekly sessions are well attended with writers from all over the world joining in. And with all these new writers a new problem has emerged. Carla is now searching for readers that will offer these authors unbiased opinion and constructive criticism. Nonetheless, it appears Carla has found a new outlet to help budding authors tell their stories during this period of self-isolation.

On Episode 6 of Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist, Carla King joined me as my special guest. In addition to her work supporting adventure travel writers, we talked about her solo journey on a Ural sidecar motorcycle that led to her writing American Borders. Carla also tells us about her forthcoming book The China Road due out later this year. Watch Carla on Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist here.

Wes Fleming, host of Chasing the Horizon podcast series was back for another Moto Moment too. In the segment Wes talked about the rumours surrounding a new Harley-Davidson design coming out and what it could mean for the company. And finally for my  bedtime story, I read Chapter Eight – Lincoln Highway Irony from Sleeping Around in America. This is the wonderful story behind the Lincoln Motor Court in Manns Choice, PA. Watch the full show here.


Tune in Easter Sunday to meet special guest Heather Ellis

Heather Ellis special guest on Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcylist April 12 at 8pm ET/5pm PT

Heather Ellis, author of Ubuntu and Timeless on the Silk Road is my special guest this Easter Sunday, April 12 at 8pm ET and 5pm PT on Facebook Live. Heather’s story is one of remarkable courage, bravery and fighting against all odds. She tells a first person story of a struggle to survive and new beginnings.  A perfect Easter Story – especially for this year.  I hope you can join me.  

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I appreciate your support. Your purchase of my book Sleeping Around in America allows me to continue to source and share exciting new destination motels for you to enjoy on your next adventure.

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