Retro Roadmapping with Mod Betty

ICYMI Mod Betty the original Retro Roadmapper joined me for Episode 5 of Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist – my humble way of staying connected while we socially distance. Mod Betty tells us how she finds all the cool diners, drive-ins, five and dimes, and motels too. And we talk about two of our favourite motels that we both love: The Lincoln Motor Court in Manns Choice, PA and the Caribbean Motel in Wildwood NJ. You can watch and find out why by viewing the segment here:

My first time I saw your show. Loved it. I look forward to your next shows. I’ve been riding since I’m 5. There’s lots of motorcycle pages and groups. You’re unique

Judith McAndrew Rinehart
Facebook comment after watching Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist

Chasing the Horizon Moto Moment with Wes Fleming

Wes Fleming, host of Chasing the Horizon podcast is joining me for every episode of Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist. Watch as we talked about the future of consumer shows to launch new motorcycle models.

This Week (Episode 6) on Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist – Author Carla King

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And this week’s Bedtime Story…

You too can read along for story time. This week I will be reading Chapter Eight – Lincoln Highway Irony from Sleeping Around in America.  And don’t forget, follow along at home with your very own copy of the book.  Fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Make story time a part of your bedtime routine. Get your own personal copy of Sleeping Around in America by clicking here!

I got your book and have devoured the first 29 chapters.

Russell Toalson
Facebook comment on reading Sleeping Around in America

Where to watch live…

Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist -Streamed live every Wednesday and Sunday through the Crisis 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on The Motelorcylist Facebook Page.

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