Staying Connected When Social Distancing with Bedtime Stories

A new normal is upon us just as the motelorcycling season is about to begin. The itch to get out for a getaway really hits after a long winter and cabin fever has taken its toll. And now we are needing to resist the urge to throttle both our bikes and our kids! It’s tough for everyone.

Through this period I am trying to reach out as best I can. In the days and weeks to come I will try and provide some entertainment by going live with a 30-40 minute show. I am calling it Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist.

On each show I will invite a new guest to check in with me for some pillow talk. These are names you know: members of the motorcycling community, moteliers, authors, musicians, film producers, and anyone else that is fun, relevant and engaging. I am streaming the content live and free on Facebook direct from my bedroom (because where else would you expect someone who writes a book called Sleeping Around in America: Revisiting the Roadside Motel to conduct such a thing!).

In every episode, I get the latest motorcycling news from none other than Wes Fleming, host of Chasing the Horizon podcast. In addition to the news, Wes shares weekly tech tips too.

Finally, I read a Bedtime Story chapter from my new book Sleeping Around in America to put you to sleep with dreams of your next motorcycling adventure.

Bedtime Stories with the Motelorcyclist goes live Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on Facebook through this crisis. You can tune into each edition and receive notifications by clicking here.

My guest last night was Melissa Holbrook Pierson, author of The Perfect Vehicle: What it is about Motorcycles. Watch our pillow talk session here.

On Sunday April 5th my guest is Mod Betty the original Retro Roadmapper. If you don’t know Mod Betty, you are in for a treat!  Mod Betty travels the country sourcing out retro diners, drive-ins and yes motels too!  Don’t miss this it will be great.

Join Me and Mod Betty this Sunday April 5 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

If you miss an episode of Bedtime Stories with The Motelorcyclist I am posting each pillow talk segment on my YouTube channel.You can subscribe by clicking here.

Finally Sleeping Around in America is now available for sale at most online retailers.  Due to the current crisis, you order may be delayed if you choose to purchase through Amazon.  However FriesenPress and Barnes& are both reporting regular delivery schedules.  For more information on where to get your copy please click here.  Your support is appreciated.

Stay healthy and safe.  Together we will get through this!

-The Motelorcyclist

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