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Motelorcycling is fun.  But to enjoy it, you need two things: a cool motel and a motorcycle.  You can find the cool roadside motels in the directory here on The Motelorcycle Chronicles.  And today I’m proud to tell you about a solution I’ve found for getting you the motorcycle too.

Blue swallow, Motel, Route 66, Tucumcari, New Mexico,

The Motelorcycle Chronicles is a living directory of cool, hip and fun roadside motels. I never wanted to write about travels to far-off lands most people will never get to go. Rather, I want to offer you a much more practical list of places where you can experience next weekend. Cool places where you can ride the open roads, relive a piece of Americana and revel in pop-culture lore.

And this works if you choose a motel within a few hundred-mile radius of where you live.  But what if the motels you want to experience are on the other side of the country?  A cross-country journey there and back is just that–a journey! You can’t do that in a weekend. So I needed to find a solution for you. And that solution is Chris McIntyre.

Now you may not have heard of Chris McIntyre, though as a motorcyclist I’m sure you know his company, EagleRider.  But in case you haven’t, EagleRider is the largest global motorcycle rental company in the world. And Chris McIntyre is its founder and CEO.

Chris McIntyre, CEO EagleRider

Chris started EagleRider in 1992 when he and co-founder Jeff Brown went searching for bikes to ride across the country.  They both soon realized that there was a void in the motorcycle rental business. So,  beginning with just four bikes from a garage in San Pedro they started one.  Fast forward to today and now EagleRider has the world’s largest fleet of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in the world. And you can also rent Indian, Triumph, KTM and BMW motorcycles too. 

I reached out to Chris and asked if there was a way we could work together. He immediately responded with  “Cool name and concept. I’ve always been a rider that seeks motels on the road”. And with that The Motelorcycle Chronicles has joined on as an affiliate.

Cool name and concept.  I’ve always been a rider that seeks out motels on the road.

Chris McIntyre, founder and CEO, EagleRider

What that means is you can now use The Motelorcycle Chronicles website to find a cool place to sleep and rent a motorcycle. To get started, all you have to do is click on the Motorcycle Rentals link from the menu bar. From there it directs you to the EagleRider website to reserve your ride. It’s that easy. And because you are working with EagleRider, you have the confidence of knowing you are getting your motorcycle from a world leader.  No Snake Bike Rentals here.

So are you planning on visiting the U.S. on vacation? Or perhaps you’re attending meetings in Montana or a wedding in Wyoming. How about during your next convention in California or trade show in Texas? Why not extend your trip a few extra days. This way you can truly explore the nostalgic lore of Sleeping Around in America by renting a motorcycle to go motelorcycling when you Get A Room!

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