2019: The Year of Why Not

This year will be a big year for me and I hope it will be for you too.  In 2019 I embark on my 50 day motorcycle journey,  sleep in 50 different roadside motels and document their stories.  And in 2019, I will publish the accounts in a book entitled Sleeping Around in America: Revisiting the Roadside Motel. As sharing your goals is important to helping realize them, leading into 2019 I have been sharing mine with everyone.

But, after telling others about this project, two types of people emerged in my world: those supportive and those that just ask why? And with the why group, I’m provided with an awkward, bewildered look.

When I am asked why I am doing this, I respond by outlining all my reasons:

  1. I love motorcycle travel;
  2. The roadside motel is an important piece of Americana worth preserving;
  3. I have had a 25 year career in the hospitality industry and second career in journalism making me qualified to tell these stories;
  4. I want to introduce motorcycle travellers to new motels and vice versa;
  5. I turned 50 and wanted to mark my anniversary on this planet by doing something different;
  6. No one has ever done it before; and,
  7. Why not?

Early on this group of why askers put me off. I was taking it as rejection. But on further reflection I concluded that support for this adventure may not be in their DNA. And because they are wired different, their concerns need to be listened to and considered. Now, instead of discouraging me from my goals and sowing seeds of doubt, I ask to understand their objection. In doing so, I discovered that elements of security, financial risk, and feasibility were common themes of concern. These items are all worthy of consideration and require proper planning to ensure I realize my vision for this project.

So as we ring in 2019, and you are setting your own goals for the new year, share them with me. In doing so it may help you realize them and together we can make it the year of why not!

Wishing you a year of safe riding and great sleeps in 2019!

  1. Doug Harker says:

    Looking forward to following along on your travels, Drew. I’ve always believed in using the small Ma and Pa motels. I’m 63 and have been riding since 16. One of my goals is to ride from PA to the west coast and back. Hopefully I will be able to stay at some of the places you will. Happy New Year and best of luck.

    • Drew Beattie The Motelorcyclist says:

      Thank you Doug for your continued support!

      • Douglas Harker says:

        Drew, check out the Green Creek Inn & RV park west of Cody Wy. It’s about 30 mi. east of the east entrance to Yellowstone.

  2. Why not.

    I do a fair bit of riding and cover a lot of miles. Mostly people don’t understand, but at the same time love seeing the photos and hearing the stories. Your trip sounds great. Enjoy.

  3. Lisa & Ray says:

    I think it is awesome…..what your doing.
    It was a pleasure meeting you. Please do not be a stranger.
    Ray & Lisa….the Cadillac in Niagara Falls, Canada.
    P.S. Glad you enjoyed the Magic in St.Aug….Close to my heart.

    • Drew Beattie The Motelorcyclist says:

      Hi Lisa and Ray- know that the pleasure and privilege was all mine! I hope that others get to see and experience what a great operation you run in Niagara Falls!

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