Here Comes Santa Claus

Three Christmas themed motels sure to make Santa’s list

Even this motelorcyclist can’t escape the Christmas spirit.  This season, while researching the fun, the interesting and the eccentric mid-century motels to include on my upcoming journey, I asked myself, Where would Santa stay?  And sure enough, I found three Christmas themed motels that would please any motelorcycling Santa!

The Lodge at North Pole Resort, Wilmington New York
Photo: The Lodge at North Pole Resorts website

First is The Lodge at North Pole Resorts.  Apparently, the North Pole  doesn’t only exists on top of the world–but it’s also in upstate New York and Wilmington, NY to be precise!  At The Lodge at North Pole Resorts, all rooms feature holiday decor to get you in the spirit no matter what time of year you go. And just in case you have the urge to leave today,  you’re in luck! The Lodge and Cabins are open year round, so if you bundle up and jump on a Ural you should be fine!

Christmas Motel, Christmas Michigan Photo: Christmas Motel website

And if the ’North Pole’ is in upstate NY, why not have Christmas in Michigan–literally.   Yes Christmas, MI is a real place on the shore of Lake Superior. And what would you expect to find in Christmas, Michigan?  But the Christmas Motel!  Regrettably, the website says it is closed for the season.

But I suppose if Santa is looking for a great stay, he would go to Santa Claus, Indiana and check into Santa’s Lodge!  Yes, this property bills itself as Christmas all year round and even has a restaurant named St. Nick’s! 

Santa’s Lodge, Santa Claus Indiana Photo: Santa’s Lodge website

Now, just like Santa’s list, I have added all three to the motel directory on The Motelorcycle Chronicles website. There you will find a growing list of over 25 fun, interesting and unique mid-century motels I have researched and pinned to the map. And as always, I am eager to get your input on great motels for my upcoming journey. So please send me a note–and like your letter to Santa–I promise to write back!

Finally, no matter where you lay your head this holiday season, I wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that all your motelorcycling dreams come true!  Safe Riding.

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